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Light Roast: El Salvador "Santa Leticia"

Light Roast: El Salvador "Santa Leticia"


This coffee's resiliency and history are remarkable and it is an honor to add to our signature Light Roast lineup. Grown by Ricardo Valdivieso on his family's estate named Finca Santa Leticia, this coffee and the knowledge it takes to produce it has withstood generations of challenges in El Salvador. We are so grateful to roast this unique coffee and am sure you'll appreciate the delicate notes of citrus, natural sweetness, and caramel. Your pan dulce and pastries won't be disappointed. If you've never tried a Light Roast before, we highly recommend it. You may not even want to put cream and sugar in this one; it's sweet just the way it is. If you're already a lover of the Light Roast, we roasted this just for you. 

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  • Coffee Origins

    We purchase this coffee from Royal Crown Inc. and pick it up in Oakland, CA. This coffee is from Apaneca, Ahuachapán, El Salvador, and grown by Ricardo Valdivieso on Finca Santa Leticia. Ricardo and his family continue to preserve the rich history of Finca Santa Leticia and put a lot of energy into providing quality coffee. We choose to roast coffee from Latina America to celebrate our cultural roots and to lift up the unique quality and tastes that Latina America has to offer. 

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