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Decaf Dark Roast

Decaf Dark Roast


For all the coffee drinkers who love drinking coffee all day but gotta wake up early, or for those decaffers who haven’t found a special roast for them: we gotchoo! And we promise it’s delicious! We roast our decaf dark to get that smooth, velvety dark chocolate vibe that tastes amazing at night (or anytime of day). We rotate our Decaf beans each month so that you can try origins from throughout Latin America so you get a variety of decaf notes. Enjoy!

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  • Coffee Origins

    All coffee is purchased directly from CoRo Roastery in Berkeley. They value the chain of production and continue to teach me so much about how important it is to value every imported coffee bean. A wise woman told me, "Every bean has a home." We believe that too. Our roasts change with the seasons and we roast what is currently in stock at CoRo, while lifting up Latin American green coffee. 

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