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Dark Roast

Dark Roast


For the bold and the fierce, try the dark roast! We push our roasting time and temperature to heighten that oh-so-familiar strong coffee taste many of us love so much. Roasted just a bit more than our Medium roast to bring out the deep flavors like dark chocolate, roasted banana leaves, and hazelnut cookies. Looking for that familiar, full-bodied, hella fuerte coffee? Here you go. 

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  • Coffee Origins

    Our coffee beans are purchased directly from Bay Area CoRoasters (CoRo) in Berkeley, CA. Green bean purchasers at CoRo really take into heart the supply chain and provide me transparent information regarding the origins as well as information regarding the values of the farmers. Our supply changes with the seasons and our roasting process uplifts and highlights the unique quality and tastes of single origin coffee across Latin America and beyond. 

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