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Culturally-Rooted Coffee

So many of us grew up with coffee in our family's kitchens and in our communities; coffee is a significant aspect of our cultural traditions in the home. However you continue to honor your coffee rituals, we want to provide the coffee to go with it. We roast our coffee in small. batches to bring out the best of our coffee while always being open to your feedback and experiences. We offer ground coffee for whatever coffee set-up you have at home; we don't judge or complicate your coffee rtiuals. However you make it, we got you covered. 

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Elisa Meza

As a Latinx-Pinay Woman of Color, growing a business from a place of passion and abundance instead of always being focused on the ways society creates barriers for people like me is what Dollar and a Bean represents. My community has always deserved to start from a place of abundance. That's why I started D&B.

I am diving into the world of coffee roasting, humbly and kindly. I am seeking to build connection and community within this industry knowing that the impact of globalization, colonization, climate change, and continued disproportionality, particularly through gender and class, continue to impact the ways in which we interact with coffee. I hope to change the ways we connect with coffee by centering community throughout the coffee roasting process.

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